The primary purpose of The First Tee Certification is to ensure that every participant certified at the PLAYer, Par, Birdie, and Eagle levels has acquired the necessary levels of golf and life skills proficiency. More specifically, participants should be able to:

1.) Understand and demonstrate life skills (i.e. interpersonal communication, self-management, goal-setting, conflict resolution and mentoring).

2.) Display a progression of golf skill acquisition and performance.

3.) Appreciate the importance of etiquette and The Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA, as well as demonstrate these attitudes and behaviors in daily golf experiences.

One of the primary objectives of coaches at The First Tee is to create a mastery driven environment that encourages participants to evaluate their improvement based on past-performance. 

Within this mastery-driven environment, participants ALWAYS have the option to choose whether or not they will participate in The First Tee Certification. 

Ultimately, The First Tee Certification should not be thought of as a pass/fail test, but rather as an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their successful learning of golf and life skills in a fun and safe environment.

Written certification is conducted at the end of each The First Tee session.  The playing portion needs to be scheduled with our program director, Terry Taylor