Gene DeChellis, Steve Deuble, Mark DeChellis

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  1. Hello Gentlemen, My name is Julia Longstreth. I work at Walsh University as a Student Service Center Representative. I saw on our website how our students volunteered for MLK day at various areas in Canton. I love our students!!! One student was a recipient of the Gene DeChellis Scholarship. As I was reading it came to mind that I used to work with a Gene DeChellis at ALLTEL Publishing in Hudson, OH many moons ago. I was just curious, is this the same Gene DeChellis? If so, HELLO!!! What I remembered about him was how nice he always treated everyone. Even when those someone’s were going through a personal crises as I did, he never judged, condemned or criticized. I never really got to say ‘thank you’. I was also known as Julie Brownlee and have taken my maiden name back. Have a great day and thank you for what you do for our students!

    1. Thanks for your message. I’m not sure if Gene worked for a publishing company but I know he spent time on the board of The Hoover Foundation. He is a fantastic person and we are lucky to have him in our community!

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